Calendable – Online Bookings, Appointments & Payments

Automate Bookings

With a Branded Bookings Page for your Business

Enable your staff and clients to book and pay for appointments and events online 24/7. Make an impression with Calendable’s intuitive interface and branded web addresses for your business bookings page that are easier for clients to visit, remember, recommend and share. Select a branded web address of your choice for your bookings portal. Ready to take your business to the next level?

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Branded, Personalized & Memorable Bookings Web Address

Get your desired bookings URL before it’s taken. If your business name is “Citizen Lawyer”, you can have “” or “” as your bookings portal. See how short, brandable and memorable it is? Get a cool bookings web address from the following options before it’s taken.


Powerful scheduling features let you focus on your work, rather than on booking it!

Calendable comes with everything you need to help clients book services easily.

memorable Bookings URLIntuitive Booking Wizard
Custom Service SchedulesService Locations
Email & SMS RemindersGoogle Calendar Integration
Service Catalogue ViewStaff & Client Dashboards
Client MessagingGroup Appointments
Configure Working HoursPayPal & Stripe Payments
Buffer TimesDiscount Coupons
Customer DatabaseLogin with Google & Facebook
color optionsStaff Profiles
Free setup & support+ more useful features

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Calendable is great for allowing your customers to schedule/book and pay for services, events and appointments all online

More about Calendable

What’s included with Calendable?

Calendable includes your own branded world-exclusive web address for your business bookings portal, your own bookings & payments system, managed hosting on Google Cloud, and free set up and support.

How many bookings can I automate with Calendable?

Calendable empowers you and your customers to book unlimited appointments and events for small monthly/annual fee.

What are the example web addresses that I can get for my business booking portal?

You can choose from a range of memorable and brandable bookings page URL for your business which will make it easier for your customers to visit, recommend and share your bookings page online. Have a look at the available web address options here. As an example, if your business name is “Citizen Lawyer”, you can have any of the following branded and memorable web addresses:

Is there a Calendable demo or bookings page used by a real business that I can see?

Of course. Have a look at Citizen Lawyer’s bookings page here. The bookings page web address they chose are: and

How can I order Calendable for my business?

You can order Calendable by clicking here

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